Starting QK – Kaplan Tactical Services

All Rhinos Fear The Tiger


“All wolves fear the Tiger” Motto of the Kaplan Tactical Services. But be sure TAGs and heavy Infantries will fear them more. This list is ideal to punish the opponents who enjoy heavy armored units in a 200 points list. Additional to Qapu Khalqi Sectorial Starter Pack, you will need a purchase of 37.20 euro consisting miniatures below;

  • 1 box of KTS, Kaplan Tactical Services – 27.95 euro

  • 1 blister of KTS, Kaplan Tactical Services (Spitfire) – 9.25 euro

KTS was created as an elite unit with the purpose of defending the facilities of Beyhan Resources Şti. during the Silk Revolts. Thanks to their success in the operations of Silk Revolts and code of honor and professionalism, KTS has been so well integrated into the Qapu Khalqi’s military structure. And they are also known as the “Sultan’s Tigers”, undertaking complex operations under the Sultanate’s service and forging their fame and prestige.


1 combat group of 8 regular, 1 irregular, 1 extremely impetuous orders

  • Kaplan Spitfire
  • Kaplan Doctor, (Combi, Blitzen)
  • Kaplan ADHL (Combi, D-Charges)
  • Kaplan (Combi, Blitzen)
  • Kaplan Multi Sniper
  • Hafza Lieutenant (Rifle, Light Shotgun)
  • Hafza FO (Rifle, Light Shotgun)
  • Al Hawwa Assault Hacker (Boarding Shotgun, D-Charges)
  • Yuan Yuan (Chain Rifle, AP CCW)


Kaplan Spearhead: This 5 man team will be your spearhead with its arsenal of weapons and equipment is capable to answer any situation. Core Fire Team awards them +1 Burst, +3 BS and sixth sense L2. Mimetism grants them -3 MOD to enemy when targets them. KTS team should rely on combining cover with mimetism which will gift them a -6 MOD more than their armor for their survivability. Because they have a low armor of ARM:2, but high BTS of 6 which is ideal for Biotechvore missions. The fire team has capability to fight with enemy in any range. Also it can accomplish most of the objectives using the Doctor with good WIP:14 and D-Charges. KTS is the Swiss-knife of your army.


  • Multi-sniper is your long range weapon (16-48), high damage value (15) with armor piercing (AP) or double action (DA) choices according to target. Do not forget that DA ammunition will be more efficient in AROs.
  • Spitfire is a middle range weapon (8-24) and has one lower damage value, but higher burst makes it deadly with 4 burst/14 damage. With the bonus of Fire Team rule, its higher burst has more chance to beat enemy’s rolls.
  • Adhesive launcher (ADHL) has low range (8-16) and low burst (1), but it may be an answer for high armored units. As they don’t have damage, the target has to roll PH-6 and immobilized-2 if fails. D-Charges may be used on immobilized targets or mission objectives.
  • Blitzen is another middle range weapon (16-32) with lower burst (1). High armored units will fear to death for the consequences of Blitzen, as it fires E/M2 ammunition with damage of 14. The targets  make two BTS rolls using half its BTS value. Failing this heavy infantries, remotes (REM) or TAGs will be immobilized-2 addition to isolated.
  • KTS Doctors still has a high chance (%70) of healing their friends with their WIP:14, even they don’t have the Doctor+ skill. And Doctor acts as a specialist in push-button missions.
  • Combi rifles are standardized tactical weapons with short range (0-16), average burst (3), and damage (13).



Strikers: In this list we will have two vanguards; one Yuan Yuan and one Al Hawwa.

  • Yuan Yuan is your only AD Troop in this list. Its purpose is to distract enemy fire and cause disarray & confusion in enemy ranks if it manages to land successfully. This cheap and uncontrollable bandit may achieve more than expected if used wisely. You may choose suicide attacks by sacrificing it.
  • Al Hawwa will continue to play its midfield objective grabber role as stated previously. Moreover, you will witness your opponents will deploy their TAGs, heavy infantry units and REMs far away from your scout. If in any way, your opponent dares to get his/her TAG close to Al Hawwa assault hacker, you will enjoy to hack and possess the enemy TAG. Heavy infantry units and REMs will be immobilized on a successful hacking. Do not forget to benefit from Surprise Attack rule when hacking in Camo state.


Rearguard: Even they don’t get into action, Hafza Lieutenant and Forward Observer will play an important key in this list. KTS Team keeps the majority of the list with 131 points. As they are fire team, majority of your list will concentrate a limited zone, which leaves other zones unguarded. Hafzas will cover these zones with deterrent tactics. In order to discourage the opponent you may deploy your Hafzas as Odalisque Spitfire and Djanbazan Sniper from QK Starter Pack using Holoprojector L1. If their disguise is discover, suppressive fire state is recommended. Suppressive fire grants -3 MOD to enemy increasing burst to 3 in AROs.

  • Forward Observer is the substitute specialist if you lose the Al Hawwa and the Doctor. Also flash pulse may be used in long range (8-24), as +3 MOD is added to WIP:14.
  • Lieutenant should be deployed like as he is guarding rear or flanks in order to prevent enemy contact. Hafzas have low armor and no camouflage, thus has a weak survivability. He should be protected at all costs.


Now, let’s proceed to next army list…

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