Starting QK – Ghulam Defense Tower

Eagle’s Nest


Even most of the people may claim that “Quantity over quality”, the real motto of the Ghulam-heavy armies is “Quality with quantity”. This may be confusing in first, but Ghulams have access to a wide range of weapons and equipment with a little cost. (Both points and SWC). Armed with heavy weapons, they form formidable defense towers or eagle nests. Additional to Qapu Khalqi Sectorial Starter Pack, you will need a purchase of 58.90 euro consisting miniatures below;

  • 1 box of Ghulam Infantry – 30.95 euro

  • 1 box of Haqqislam Support Pack – 27.95 euro


The Ghulam infantry are the most numerous military force of Bourak. Military strategy is based on the Hammer and Anvil theory. A hammer blow made up of big Ghulam units crush the enemy against the anvil made up of smaller heavy or specialists units. Ghulam Infantry are always ready to form a combat force as fast as possible, and to carry out the main military operations and also serve in contingency plans throughout a campaign. The Ghulam troops are highly motivated and feel they are the true protectors of Bourak. Even in technological war, an unbreakable will is still the most powerful weapon. All Ghulam soldiers are willing to give their life for Bourak.


First combat group of 8 regular, 2 irregular, 2 extremely impetuous orders;

  • Hafza Lieutenant (Rifle, Light Shotgun)
  • Ghulam HMG
  • Ghulam Missile Launcher
  • Ghulam Sniper
  • Ghulam (Rifle, Light Shotgun)
  • Ghulam Doctor (Rifle, Light Shotgun)
  • Nasmat
  • Al Hawwa Assault Hacker (Boarding Shotgun, D-Charges)
  • Hafza FO (Rifle, Light Shotgun)
  • Yuan Yuan (Chain Rifle, AP CCW)
  • Yuan Yuan (Chain Rifle, Shock CCW)


Second combat group of 2 regular orders;

  • Djanbazan Sniper
  • Alguacil Combi Rifle


Ghulam Defense Tower: Hafza Lieutenant joined by four Ghulams be your heavy battery. Contrary to previous lists, Ghulam fire team will be more stationary. Preferably, HMG, Missile Launcher (ML), and Sniper should be deployed in higher floors in order to benefit more line of fire. Remaining Ghulam and  Lieutenant will stay back or in lower floors in order to cover flanks/rear and avoid long range enemy contact. Also it is important not to stack fire team too close in order to decrease the damage of template attacks. Core Fire Team awards them +1 Burst, +3 BS and sixth sense L2. Thus, most of the enemy wont dare to face 6 AROs of 14/15 damage. They will be even deadlier in active turn. Hafza Lieutenant is recommended to disguise as Ghulam Hacker, so nobody will target him for Loss-of- Lieutenant. Do not forget that Ghulams have only ARM:1, so they should always be placed in cover.



Strikers: The Yuan-Yuan and Al Hawwa will return to their initial roles as AD Deployment and Assault Hacker respectively. Besides, as we have enough points, we will be able to deploy 2 pirates and have more chance to land successfully.

  • Yuan Yuan will distract enemy fire and cause disarray & confusion in enemy ranks using the tactics stated in KTS list. Alternatively, one of the pirates may be deployed in the ground in order to cover Hafza Forward Observer (FO) advancement with his smoke grenades.
  • Al Hawwa will continue to play its midfield objective grabber role and hacking TAGs/REMs/HIs as stated in previous lists.
  • Hafza Forward Observer is your secondary objective grabber. It is better to be disguised as Odalisque Spitfire miniature using Holoprojector L1 in order to discourage the opponent.


Rearguard: No need to repeat the previous advices, you will use the same tacticas in Djan list. Second Yuan Yuan’s smoke grenades may also be combined with Djan Sniper’s MSV2.

  • Djanbazan Sniper should be placed in the other half of the deployment zone. Be vigilant to enemy AD Troops, as sniper rifle gets punished -3 MOD for short range (0-8).
  • Alguacil Combi Rifle should be deployed to guard Djan sniper from the enemy AD troops which may enter from flanks or just parachute. You may proxy him with the Najjarun Engineer minature.
  • Ghulam Doctor Plus is definitely the best doctor in Infinity universe. With 16 points, you have WIP:17 (14+3) to heal the friendly troops. He is also a substitute specialist. It is up to choice to get close to Ghulams fire team or Djanbazan sniper. The important thing is that, he should be placed in a secure place guarding flanks/rear and avoid long range enemy contact. Nasmat will be deployed close to other possible casualty.


Hope this article guided you well to assist you in the very beginning of your career, commander.

Alper Cibili – Karargah Wargaming Club

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