Starting QK – Odalisque Spearhead

Thorns of Tulip


Beautiful tulips may lure you and seem to be delicate, but if you dare to touch, their thorns make your fingers bleed. These concubines are lethal in close range and ideal against close combat enemies. Additional to Qapu Khalqi Sectorial Starter Pack, you will need a purchase of 27.95 euro consisting miniatures below;

  • 1 box of Odalisques – 27.95 euro


An Odalisque is a celestial angel descended to earth, a deity above mere mortals. An icon of beauty devoted to automatic weaponry. A precious courtesan who is a sword and a shield at the same time. Using their body as a cover, in reality they are trained as security professionals and VIP bodyguards. Besides their combat training, they have a fast and cultivated mind. Additionally, they are implanted with artificial enhancements like reinforced sub-dermal tissue or enhanced sensory perception allowing continuous monitoring of the environment.

1 combat group of 8 regular, 2 irregular, 2 extremely impetuous orders

  • Odalisque Spitfire, Nanopulser
  • Odalisque Boarding Shotgun, Nanopulser
  • Odalisque Rifle, L.Shotgun, Nanopulser
  • Hafza FO (Rifle, Light Shotgun)
  • Hafza FO (Rifle, Light Shotgun)
  • Hafza Lieutenant (Rifle, Light Shotgun)
  • Al Hawwa Assault Hacker (Boarding Shotgun, D-Charges)
  • Djanbazan Sniper
  • Yuan Yuan (Chain Rifle, AP CCW)
  • Yuan Yuan (Chain Rifle, Shock CCW)


Odalisque Spearhead: Three Odalisques accompanied with two Hafzas will be your both hunting party and escort for the specialists. Not only the Hafzas can join the Odalisque fire team, they may also disguise as Odalisques. Core Fire Team awards them +1 Burst, +3 BS and sixth sense L2. Thanks to 360 visor, Odalisques can see 360 LoF arc instead of usual 180. Combining this skill with Fire Team’s sixth sense L2 bonus will enable them to react any threat from any direction. In addition to their ARM:2, No Wound Incapacitation (NWI) makes them more survivable. NWI troops ignore the effects of Unconscious for once, thus they may be considered to have 1+1 Wounds. Lastly, I-Kohl L3 cause -3 to opponent MOD in close combat. In order to accomplish “push-button” objectives, do not forget that Hafza FO is considered as a specialist. Thus Djan team may be used as escort to deliver Hafza FO to mid-field objectives safely.


  • Nanopulser is a direct small template weapon with regular damage value (13). But it is useful against camouflaged enemies using Intuitive attack without discovering. Also it forces the target to roll BTS instead of ARM, so it may be used against high armored, low BTS targets.
  • Spitfire is a middle range weapon (8-24), good damage value (14), and high burst (4). With the bonus of Fire Team rule, its high burst and damage will be deadly.
  • Light Shotguns are ideal for fools who gets too close with its +6 MOD for short range (0-8) and also perfect to hunt down enemy fire teams with small template.
  • Boarding Shotguns are even more lethal according to light version with damage value (14) and template/AP mode preference.
  • Rifles are standardized tactical weapons with short range (8-16), average burst (3), and damage (13).
  • Forward Observer has a high chance (%70) of designating push-button objectives with his WIP:14. Sometimes flash pulse may be useful in ARO to targets in long range (8-24), as +3 MOD is added to WIP:14.



Strikers: The Yuan-Yuan and Al Hawwa will return to their initial roles as AD Deployment and Assault Hacker respectively. Besides, as we have enough points, we will be able to deploy 2 pirates and have more chance to land successfully.

  • Yuan Yuan will distract enemy fire while Odalisques getting closer to midfield or enemy line using the tactics stated in KTS list. Alternatively, one of the pirates may be deployed in the ground in order to cover Odalisques advancement with his smoke grenades.
  • Al Hawwa will continue to play its midfield objective grabber role and hacking TAGs/REMs/HIs as stated in previous lists.


Rearguard: No need to repeat the previous advices, you will use the same tacticas in Djan list. Second Yuan Yuan’s smoke grenades may also be combined with Djan Sniper’s MSV2.

  • Djanbazan Sniper has a long range weapon (16-48) and high damage value (15) with low burst (2), but shock ammo. Be vigilant to enemy AD Troops, as sniper rifle gets punished -3 MOD for short range (0-8).
  • Lieutenant should be deployed to guard Djan sniper from the enemy AD troops which may enter from flanks or just parachute. Hafzas have low armor and no camouflage, thus has a weak survivability. He should be protected at all costs.


Now, let’s proceed to next army list…

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