Starting QK – Djanbazan Tactical Group

Smoke and Mirrors


If your opponent is playing dirty, let’s play even dirtier. It’s time to show those tricky camo units how to play “smoke and mirrors”. This list ideal against enemies who deploy too much camo tokens such as Ariadna, etc. Additional to Qapu Khalqi Sectorial Starter Pack, you will need a purchase of 35.95 euro consisting miniatures below;

  • 1 box of Djanbazan Tactical Group – 35.95 euro


The Djanbazan Tactical Groups are responsible for spaceport security and protection of the Sari Han orbital base and also all stages of the Silk trade. They specialize in assault, boarding and security/control operations. As anti-terrorist unit, they engage in close combat with pirates, smugglers and insurgents. However, Djanbazans has conducted so many covert operations, so some analysts believe some of them are corrupted in bribery, tribute, black market of Silk trade.

1 combat group of 8 regular, 1 irregular, 1 extremely impetuous orders

  • Djanbazan HMG
  • Djanbazan Shock Marskman Rifle
  • Djanbazan Rifle, Light Shotgun
  • Hafza FO (Rifle, Light Shotgun)
  • Hafza (Rifle, Light Shotgun)
  • Yuan Yuan (Chain Rifle, AP CCW)
  • Al Hawwa FO (Boarding Shotgun, D-Charges)
  • Hafza Lieutenant (Rifle, Light Shotgun)
  • Djanbazan Sniper


Djanbazan Spearhead: Three Djans accompanied with two Hafzas will be your both spearhead and zone dominator with their arsenal of weapons and durability. Not only the Hafzas can join the Djanbazan fire team, they may also disguise as Djans. Core Fire Team awards them +1 Burst, +3 BS and sixth sense L2. Thanks to MSV2, Djans can see through zero-visibility and shoot/discover all types of Camo/ODD targets without penalty. So enjoy while those little tricksters running away from you. In addition to their ARM:3, Regeneration makes them solid tools for missions with dominating zones like Quadrant Control, Supremacy, Safe Area, etc. Keep in mind that with their 4-2 movement, they are not so mobile. In order to accomplish “push-button” objectives, do not forget that Hafza FO is considered as a specialist. Thus Djan team may be used as escort to deliver Hafza FO to mid-field objectives safely.

  • HMG is your long range weapon (16-32) and high damage value (15) with high burst (4). With Fire Team bonuses, no one (even TAGs) dares to challenge HMG in mid/long range. Be vigilant to close enemies, as HMG gets punished -3 MOD for short range (0-8)
  • Shock Marskman Rifle is a middle range weapon (8-24) with average damage value (13) and average burst (3). But shock ammo makes it deadly, as single wound models will be directly dead instead of unconscious state.
  • Forward Observer has a high chance (%70) of designating push-button objectives with his WIP:14. Sometimes flash pulse may be useful in ARO to targets in long range (8-24), as +3 MOD is added to WIP:14.
  • Light Shotguns are ideal for fools who gets too close with its +6 MOD for short range (0-8) and also perfect to hunt down enemy fire teams with small template.
  • Rifles are standardized tactical weapons with short range (8-16), average burst (3), and damage (13).


Strikers: In this list the reckless space pirate will begin the game in ground instead of AD deployment. Due to point cost management, our infiltrator will drop his smart phone in return of forward observing.

  • Yuan Yuan is the key player in this list. Its purpose is to combine the smoke grenades with Djanbazans’ MSV2 equipment. Just throw the smoke grenade to line of fire between Djanbazan team and enemy model. So Djans will fire without penalty, and only the target model may respond to fire back with -6 MOD or dodge. Exceptions to this trick are enemy models with MSV2 or sixth sense L2 and the enemy fire teams with 4+ models. Also you should be careful with deploying Yuan Yuan, as it will be difficult to control due to extremely impetuous rule.
  • Al Hawwa is still our midfield objective grabber as stated several times. Do not forget to benefit from Surprise Attack rule when attacking in Camo state.


Rearguard: You will encounter the same problem as previous in KTS Team list. Djanbazan keeps the majority of the list with 124 points, despite the cheap Hafzas. As they are fire team, majority of your list will concentrate a limited zone, which leaves other zones unguarded. Djanbazan Sniper is a perfect choice for guarding the remaining zone. In cover, his armor will increase to ARM:6. With MSV2, he won’t get any penalty for Camo/ODD enemies or smoke. Hafza Lieutenant will execute the same tactic using Holoprojector L1.

  • Djanbazan Sniper has a long range weapon (16-48) and high damage value (15) with low burst (2), but shock ammo. Be vigilant to enemy AD Troops, as sniper rifle gets punished -3 MOD for short range (0-8).
  • Lieutenant should be deployed to guard Djan sniper from the enemy AD troops which may enter from flanks or just parachute. Hafzas have low armor and no camouflage, thus has a weak survivability. He should be protected at all costs.


Now, let’s proceed to next army list…

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