Let’s Take a Glance to Infinity Rule System in 5 Questions

Trend in miniature wargames is changing to games with lesser, simpler rules. Games that are easier to learn but hard to master have more time on the spotlight. Producers who see these trends tend to simplify their game rules in the new editions. Unfortunately what starts as only a few pages usually grows to veritable library with the addition of FAQs, scenarios, campaign books, tournament rules and the like. Some games even have army books with special rules for each faction.

This article will introduce rules system of Infinity to new comers; What and how much should I learn? How deep is the rules? How balanced is the game?
Enjoy the article & greetings from Turkey
Cibili from Karargah Wargaming Club


1. New to Infinity: Which rules should I learn?

Infinity main rulebook (N3) and the additional fiction and rules sourcebook Human Sphere have all the information necessary to play the game. There are no additional army books or rules that you need to buy a new book to gain access to. New comers only need to read the first 3 chapters (Basic rules, Combat, Common skills) of the main rule book to start playing. Once you learn these basics, you only need to check out troop/weapon profiles and rules related to those present in their army lists.

Rest of these books cover such special rules and skills related to certain models and equipment, and more advanced rules like hacking programs. The first games of the newcomers are usually introductory games, where you can ask for the army list of your opponent and check their troop profiles and rules if needed.  This allows the player to learn only the rules that apply to the game they will be playing, rather than drowning under tons of rules and abilities that will not see in game.

Additionally, there are specialized sectorial armies under each of the 8 main factions in Infinity. If you want to play one of these armies, you need to read the basic rules in Human Sphere sourcebook. The rest of these book is expansion of the system with more models, weapons, equipment, etc.



2. Do I need to memorize new rules again?

Best part about learning Infinity is the easy access to the rules. Firstly, all books, troop profiles, and scenarios can be accessed from https://www.infinitythegame.com/resources/downloads in PDF form. Moreover, there is the wiki infinitythewiki.com ran by the producer Corvus Belli.

Can`t remember a rule or how to use an ability during the game? Just check infinitythewiki.com and look up the rules. There are even neat example situtations and Q&As.



3. How can I setup an army, if I don`t know the rules?

Infinity Army Builder, again officially ran by Corvus Belli, is another great tool for a beginner. User friendly software will lead and assist you in army building.

Don’t know what a rule or an equipment is? Just click on it and it directs you to the previously mentioned wiki page. You can even request the help of the guide to check whether your list is correct and list the mistakes. You will be spending a long time just playing with possible army lists! You can acess it from https://army.infinitythegame.com/ or from the main infinity page link.



4. If it has fewer models, it should have fewer rules, right?

A typical infinity game is played between 10-15 models. But this doesn`t mean Infinity has simple light rule set. Your models are usually elite troopers with different specialties. They are bunched together in a team, because they each have different abilities needed during an operation. They will do more than moving and shooting. Since the purpose of the game is to create a cinematic action scene, the rules reflect that.

Imagine your hacker moving to an antenna to upload a virus, with suppression cover fire from his teammates. When he is targeted by enemy counter fire, he may dodge and enter a building nearby. If there is an enemy inside the building, the hacker will choose to take cover or shoot back. But may be he will try to jam the weapon of his attacker via a cyber attack. All these possibilities add color and strategic depth to the game.


5. I wanna start with the most powerful army with the most powerful models!

  • There is no army that is considered over-powered by layers amongst Infinity community. Each faction has certain strengths and weaknesses where players are expected to exploit opponents weak points with their strong abilities.
  • There is also no must-have `Star of the show` model or models for an army either. The games are built not only on combat but also mission objectives. Additional to the main missions, there are also secondary objectives, randomly selected before each game. This means depending on the objective and opposition certain models perform better than others.
  • There are no super combo chains performed via interaction of two or more skills or abilities. This is because basically models do not buff other models, and must rely on their own load out. The only exception to this are hackers who buff remote controlled drones, heavy infantry, and TAGs.
  • Old models don`t get extinct once new models are released. In fact, rules and troop profiles are not changed very often. Some models may be resculpted because the sculpt of the current model ise very old. Also some profiles may not have existing released models. In other words, your models wont be useless due to new released models with powerful new profiles.




Infinity is a game that excels by its nigh-unlimited tactical flexibility and balanced gameplay in a cinematic environment. This means individual abilities and experience of the players instead of power-lists are the major factors of the game. There are two books that have all the rules, but actually, players need only to know the rules that the models on the table have. And all these rules are easily accessible for free from the manufacturer`s website.

I hope you enjoyed the article, now share with your friends ?

Original article: Alper Cibili

English translation: Mustafa Erdoğan

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