Infinity Terrain Day 02 August 2017

As we would have our club’s first Infinity Tourney on 13th of August, we wanted it to be a classy one. So a good tournament deserves fascinating photos. Fascinating photos need beautiful painted miniatures and terrains. So that was the perfect opportunity to organize a workshop to assemble & paint the Systema Gaming terrains, and transform the 40k terrains to Infinity. Our first attempt was organizing a terrain day named “Urban Transformation” on 16th of July. Some of the terrain was assembled before the event, some of them left for the workshop. Even non-Infinity players supported the workshop. Unfortunately, our airbrush has some compatibility issues with the air pump / motor. So, Systema Gaming terrains were assembled, but not painted.

Click for the link of the event

Click for more photos

So I organized another Infinity Terrain Day on 2th of August. The terrains should be jinxed, because the new airbrush gun didn’t fit to the air pump / motor. So we bought Molotow nature white 229 spray for the undercoat. The color was so nice that, we decided to use as the base color. Finally, paint orange for the secondary color. Wasting time with airbrush and waiting for the spray caused us lots of hours, so we couldn’t manage to complete painting the terrains. So we will need a third workshop. But at least it was a full day of wargaming and Infinity chat.

No airbrush? Back to classic brush painting!

Someone seems to be idle!


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