Starting Qapu Khalqi

Qapu Khalqi operate under the Funduq Sultanate. They are mainly the Sultanate’s defense forces, protecting the orbital elevators, spaceports, caravansaries and Bourak’s gateways. They have two major responsibilities; protection of the Silk route and Sultanate’s navy. Thus most of the troops undergo specific training in naval combat and counter-terrorist military tasks. It is very common to see the Qapu Khalqi recruiting foreigners to their ranks. If it reinforces the military power of the Sultanate, they are willing to pay. In this way the Qapu Khalqi make use of corsairs, as well as professional mercenaries during their ground and naval operations.


In game terms, Qapu Khalqi (QK) is a very versatile and adaptable army. Thanks to its vast variety of troop type, always an efficient army list is possible to be prepared according to any opponent and any mission scenario. Even there are several High Infantry and TAG troops available, QK mostly use synergy of its Line Troops and Medium Infantry. QK relies on coordinated attacks with their numerous fire linked teams and outnumber/outgun tactics instead of small elite troops. Cost of their troops and special weapons are mostly cheaper according to other factions. But this doesn’t mean that QK troops are made of cheap, weak, and unqualified hordes. Even a fire team of Ghulams with special weapons is a deadly gun battery, no enemy unit dares to face. On the other hand, QK lacks of some elite tools like; TO Camo, AD Combat Jumps, etc.


For the starters, we will need Qapu Khalqi Sectorial Starter Pack as obvious. Every miniature in the box has its own role and most of them are able join fire teams, thus this box is a perfect match with other QK boxes. Secondarily, we need a Yuan Yuan blister as they will be used in every list. With these two purchases, it is possible to create a 150 points list. But without additional miniatures, this can be used for learning game dynamics and army special rules instead of competitive game play.

  • 1 box of Qapu Khalqi Sectorial Starter Pack – 39.95 euro

  • 1 blister of Yuan Yuan (Rifle, Chain Rifle) – 15.75 euro

Qapu Khalqi Starter Set

Let’s take a look at the brave troops of Qapu Khalqi;

Al Hawwa is a group of operatives specialized in combat and technological security during situations of covert activity. Also a secret naval unit in the service of the Sultanate, formed mostly of campaign hackers specialized in Interception and Interference. All members of this unit are professionals in intrusion/infiltration, cybercombat, and demolition techniques.

Al Hawwa is the perfect mid-field objective grabber with its ability to infiltrate and CH Camouflage skill. Al Hawwa should be deployed close to objectives in the table center line. Its WIP:14 makes him perfect candidate for push-button scenarios. Being in camouflaged state makes enemy harder to hit him as he should be discovered first. He can use his D-Charges for sabotage missions. Most of the time he will encounter enemy infiltrators, thus boarding shotgun will support him in close range combat. Assault hacker profile is the arch-enemy of TAGs and high armored infantry which we explain later.


Hafza is an officer who is responsible for the lives of the soldiers in his charge. His decisions will take his men to victory and safety or to defeat and death. Therefore, all the members of the Hafza Unit are graduates from Military Academy where their training is the best and most expensive. Soldiers know they can rely on a Hafza, because a Hafza officer always remains in combat with them. To the enemy the Hafzas are valuable targets, so they were trained to disguise their appearance with the Holoprojector technology.

Even they don’t have the best stats, Hafzas have two important skills. They can join any non-mercenary fire team and they can disguise as another friendly troop using Holoprojector skill. Thus it is possible to reduce the high cost of expensive troops such as; Janissaries Djanbazans, Odalisques, etc. Secondarily, deploying Hafza Forward Observer as a specialist in a fire team, helps him to reach to objectives safely. Also it is a good idea to disguise Hafza Lieutenant as a model which is not eligible for Lieutenant. Thus your opponent wont target him for Loss-of- Lieutenant. Lastly, you may disguise him as a trooper with a heavy weapon in order to scare the enemy.


Odalisque is a VIP bodyguard using her beauty as a cover. She is well trained in both ranged and close combat, and implanted with artificial enhancements. As we will focus to Odalisques later, it is better to summarize her with a few words. Even she has a low armor, she has No Wound Incapacitation (NWI) which makes her more survivable. She is skilled in close combat with I-Kohl L3 and Nanopulser. 360 visor enables her to get a 360 degree line of fire.

Djanbazan specialize in security and control operations as a anti-terrorist unit. Just like Odalisques, we will have a specific analysis for Djanbazans in later pages. Equiped with MSV2, Djanbazan sniper can see through zero-visibility and shoot/discover all types of Camo/ODD targets without penalty. In addition to their ARM:3, Regeneration makes them more survivable.

Yuan-Yuan are space pirates without a country that offer themselves as mercenaries. They are skilled in space combat but clumsier on firm ground, which is why they prefer to jump from their own ships right into planet surface assignments. Even they are good brawlers, due to their undisciplined and bloodthirsty nature, they are unpredictable and difficult to keep under control.

They are the only AD Combat Jump Troop in QK. Even they have a physique of 14, you have to roll PH-3 for AD deployment. With its high physique and smoke grenades, you can easily smoke dodge with PH+3. Chain rifle is a large direct template which is the bane for enemy fire teams, easy to hit multiple targets. If your opponent decide to dodge, you will fire the chain rifle again. If your opponents decide to shoot back, then the enemy models will be auto hit. Keep in mind that you may Intuitive attack within smoke, so only the target can respond with -6 MOD.


This article is prepared to guide new players to create efficient and low-budget 200 army lists. Beginning with a starter pack and a blister, there are numerous army list examples to counter several opponents or missions. You will review Kaplan Tactical Services, Djanbazan Tactical Group, Odalisque Spearhead, Ghulam Defense Tower lists respectively. But Qapu Khalqi offers more options, you may combine starter pack with Janissaries, Sekban Naval Units, Druze Shock Teams, TAGs, remotes. Readers even prefer to blend several boxes to reach 300 points.


Now, let’s proceed to next army list…



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